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Regarding whether the baby needs to wear sunglasses, the conclusion is to protect the baby's delicate lens and corneal tissue. When exposed to strong light for a long time, it is necessary to wear special baby sunglasses. Many mothers ask which one to buy, so today I have selected foreign hot baby sunglasses for analysis and evaluation, to give you a reference.

First, let's review the main points of choosing baby sunglasses:

Choose truly professional, qualified sunglasses.

Choose sunglasses that block 99%-100% UVA and UVB.


Choose sunglasses with curved sides on both sides of the mirror to prevent UV rays from entering the eyes from the side.

Gray sunglasses are generally chosen because they reduce the light intensity without causing chromatic aberrations; visually impaired babies can choose brown or amber sunglasses because they increase the contrast of the object while reducing the light intensity.

Can block 75%-90% of visible light.

Let's take a look at the evaluation of hot baby sunglasses.

Baby Banz

The special sunscreen brand for infants and toddlers in Australia (one of the sun's most powerful countries) is made in Taiwan. The common features of sunglasses include:

You can adjust the tightness of the wraparound straps yourself.

100% resistant to UVA and UVB.

The lens material is polycarbonate, which is not easy to break and damage your baby's eyes even if it breaks.

The nose is made of silicone and is comfortable to wear.

The lenses are grey and can be removed and replaced.

The glasses are light enough to float on the surface of the water.

Baby Banz's products are divided into several series.

1 Infant

A three-stage polarized lens that greatly reduces solar glare and provides UV protection. Vintage frog mirror style.

2 Adventure

The Adventure Collection is available in a variety of styles featuring non-polarized lenses, 10.8 cm wide and 3.2 cm high.

3 Retro Oval

Non-polarized lens; width 5.7 cm, height 4.5 cm; 100% blocking UVA and UVB, obtaining UV400 rating.


Three-level polarized lenses can greatly reduce solar glare and provide UV protection; 100% block UVA and UVB, get UV400 rating; can be worn for a long time; can replace lenses with farsightedness or myopia within 800 degrees.

5 Kids Banz

Designed for older children, this collection is available in a variety of colors and features: non-polarized lenses; 4.5 cm wide and 3.3 cm high; three-stage lenses that greatly reduce solar glare and provide UV protection; long-wearing.

6 Jbanz

Polarized lens, non-surrounded tape design (normal frame design).

to sum up

Baby Banz is generally good at sun protection and easy to wear. When buying, pay attention to the choice of polarized and non-polarized lenses. Only Ultimate and Kids Banz can be worn as long as ophthalmic glasses. The lenses are basically gray, suitable for babies with unimpaired vision. Wear them.

I Play

Native American brands born in 1982 have factories in Taiwan, Thailand, and South Korea. The best-selling sunscreen hats and clothing, the types of sunglasses are relatively small, as follows:

1Infant Flexi

PVC-free; wrap-around belt design for easy fixing and comfortable wearing; can be cleaned by parents themselves; 100% UVA and UVB.

2 Sports Flexi

Includes a headband to prevent the sunglasses from falling off and suitable for wearing during exercise. 100% defense against UVA and UVB.

3Baby Flexi

100% defense against UVA and UVB; meets US and EU standards.

to sum up

The price is relatively cheap, this is mainly the sun hat and clothing sold well.


Babiators specializes in the stylish aviator eyewear range, featuring:

100% UVA and UVB sunscreen.

Lost or damaged within one year of purchase, can be exchanged.

The frame is strong (bendable), and the lens is anti-collision and anti-fragmented.

The official website classification includes basic series, polarized lens series and so on. But mainly based on the age of 0-3 Junior and 3 years old or older Ops.

1 Junior Collection

2 Ops Collection

It looks a lot like the Junior above, but it is suitable for older children and is a polarized lens.

to sum up

Stylish and sturdy, but due to the fixed size, it may need to be purchased after the trial, and it is difficult to adjust the tightness. It is not suitable for Haitao (unless you try it before you buy it).


French outdoor brands, 90% of the factories are in the EU countries. Because the brand cooperates with outdoor associations such as skiing and mountaineering in France all year round, the products have high technology content and are expensive. Cough, the appearance is also very cool. The baby sunglasses on its official website (link: are divided into three series, namely, Looping1 (0-18 months), Looping2 (12-24 months) and Looping3 (2- 4 years).

Julbo's sunglasses are mainly outdoor, so there are three characteristics: strong, firm, and filtered.

Sturdy means that the frame and lens are durable, not easily damaged and shock resistant.

Firmness means that the lens can block UV rays 360°, and the baby can provide good protection when looking at the sky.

4-level polarized lenses filter up to 95% of visible light and simultaneously filter UVA, UVB, and UVC!

In addition, the shape and material are specially designed for the baby, and there is no problem such as wearing bias.

The shape is also known for fashion.

Although some are coated with a blue-green film, the color of the glasses is mainly dark gray. At this stage, the child's glasses have extra straps for fixing.

There are more sunglasses series for older kids. Choose more colors, in addition to gray, and amber and brown to increase contrast for visual impairments or damaged people.

At the age of 3, the baby will pick up his own glasses, and he doesn't like fashion. So Julbo's sunglasses are designed with a variety of cool looking styles that allow your baby to get enough eye protection while loving beauty.

to sum up

The glasses look good and the price increases accordingly. It is a good choice for kids who like outdoor sports.


The French brand has been jumping forward since 2009, mainly promoting mountaineering glasses. Features include:


Polarized lens.

Effectively blocks UVA and UVB.

CEBE has a series of professional baby sunglasses, which are called the Junior series on the official website.

Among them, Chouka is a new series of straps that are designed for small babies. Other series of sunglasses are also gray lenses and rubber frames. It sells well in France.

Big brand baby sunglasses

Seeing that someone recommended Ray-Ban, a bloody spit. Although the design of fashion sunglasses is also popular for many star parents, it is only a small number of adult sunglasses, not designed for the baby. Therefore, Meng’s advice is that there is money to buy extra for the baby, but it is not practical.