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What is the difference between cheap sunglasses and expensive sunglasses

Sunglasses is really a very good thing, even if the person looks flat, the temperament is immediately improved after wearing sunglasses, how to look cool! However, there are too many styles and brands of sunglasses, there are dozens of dollars, there are hundreds of dollars, then there is a very interesting question - what is the difference between dozens of dollars and hundreds of dollars of sunglasses?

Ultraviolet light is not equal to glare

Whether it's a few dozen dollars of sunglasses or a few hundred dollars of sunglasses, it has the function of dimming the outside light. But remember, darkening the light doesn't mean blocking UV rays. Some sunglasses can also reduce the glare, but not the UV rays.

Ultraviolet light refers to the sun's rays with a wavelength between 200 nm and 380 nm. Therefore, any lens that can prevent the light of 380 nm or higher can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays. At present, one of the more common indicators is "UV400". If the regular brand has the "UV400" logo, then these sunglasses has no problem with UV protection.

What is the biggest hazard of inferior sunglasses?

Some people may ask, although the inferior sunglasses are cheap, they are better than not wearing them? wrong! If the quality of the sunglasses is unqualified, then it is better not to wear them. There are two reasons for this:

1, permanent eye injury

Bring sunglasses, the light is dimmed, so the pupils of the person will increase, but because your sunglasses cannot block the ultraviolet rays, it is equal to a large number of ultraviolet rays to ingest the large pupil, which is more than hurting the eyes! Moreover, the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes is cumulative and irreversible.

2, damage to vision

This is mainly a question of workmanship. General glasses, whether it is sunglasses or other glasses, have a reasonable optical index design, including sphericality, prismatic degree, etc. If the design is unreasonable, it is easy to visually deform the object, causing the eyes to double fatigue, and the vision will decrease in the long run.

Good sunglasses are completely UV-resistant in function; optically reduce visual distortion and protect eyesight; comfortable and strong in wearing, and high design and brand power, so there are a large number of people who are willing to pay a high price!

A few tips on wearing sunglasses

  1. is not the polarized glasses is the best, polarizers are only suitable for driving, generally exported to foreign countries are mostly PC tablets, high-end Ray-Ban tempered glass, in fact, are not polarized.
  2. Do not wear sunglasses inside or in dark places. Although cool is cool, the pupils will always enlarge, causing fatigue and affecting vision.
  3.  If myopia has sunglasses, it is best to match one with your own glasses. This can't be done, especially in long-term wear.
  4. In the color of sunglasses, in addition to personal preferences, there is some knowledge in it:

Gray lenses - reduce brightness, but do not change the true colors of the color.

Brown and amber lenses - reduce the blue portion of the sun, thereby reducing the haze effect caused by blue light, but it is more likely to cause the original color change of the object than the gray coating.

Yellow lenses - more to reduce the fog caused by blue light, so the scenery will become more clear and sharp, but it is also more likely to cause the original color of the object.

Green Lens - Ability to filter some blue light to reduce glare and increase the contrast between objects.

Rose Red Lens - If you like water or outdoor sports, it is best to wear this lens because it has a very good contrast on a blue or green background.

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